Top 5 Posts of 2014

I didn’t write as much this year because of a major construction project at our church. It means the pickings are a little slimmer than usual, but I plan to get back on track in 2015. Until then, here’s the top 5 posts from this year:

1generic-baby_448x336. The Hardest Funeral I’ve Had to Preach In the Spring of this year, I was asked to preach the funeral of an infant who had died because of abuse. I shared the text of my message and many of you were kind enough to share it with others. I pray it gave some hope.

COC2. The Changing Politics of the Church of Christ I’ve figured out one thing in the history of this blog. Put the words “Church of Christ” in the title and the stats go up. This one was written during the last election and a few folks disagreed with my thoughts here.

Crying3. Mourning the Start of Something Even Better This was one of my favorite posts. I wrote it at the end of girls basketball season. Those seniors are all college freshman now and I’m hope they’ve discovered the truth of these thoughts.

population chart numbers4. This Chart Rocked My World I participated in a pastors coaching network this year focused on multiplying (i.e. planting new churches or campuses). This chart was presented at the first meeting and it changed my whole perspective.

5. Skipping Sunday School Teen Sunday School ClassAnother controversial post and if I would have titled it “Skipping Sunday School in the Church of Christ” it might have climbed on up the chart. Bible study is important, but I’m more concerned with Bible living.

That’s it for 2014. Thank you for reading and I look forward to writing in 2015. Blessings on the New Year.