Christmas Can Wait

If you haven’t seen it yet go watch SNL’s Mr. Senior’s take on celebrating Christmas early.

mr. senior

I realize he’s making fun of folks like me but I agree with every word he says, especially his “special report” from the streets.  No!  Not yet!  This is much too early.  Go home.  Come back in three weeks.

I’ve written about this before (The Forgotten Holiday and Black Thursday).  At the time, I was concerned about Christmas decorations going up the day after Halloween.  Forget Halloween.  They went up the day after Labor Day this year.  Before long we’ll start celebrating Christmas shortly after the 4th of July.

Call me an old fogey but I still adhere to the old fashioned idea of celebrating one holiday at a time.  And not just because I’m being a close-minded, traditionalist.  There are good reasons for waiting.  If your birthday celebration came around every three months it would hold less meaning.  Or, to use a more apt analogy, if Cadbury Crème Eggs were available all year long Easter would be a little less special.  There’s value in anticipation.

Then there’s the whole skipping over Thanksgiving issue.  This is the one of the few holidays that we haven’t over-commercialized yet.  It’s still fairly simple.  Gather for a meal with your family and be thankful.  Can’t we enjoy that day for a moment without rushing head-long into Christmas?

After that’s over you have my permission to go Christmas crazy!  Throw up the lights, pull out the trees and start the carols.  But until then can we all just chill a bit?

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