The Aging of Facebook

A Few Rules for Facebook UsersMy daughter has never done anything with social media.  Just never had much of an interest.  Until now.  The other night she asked her Mom if she could get on Instagram.  Mom said “Yes, as long as she was following her” so I helped her download the app.

Turns out the Windows phone doesn’t have an app for that.  And since I’m not well-versed in Windows phones I asked her if they had apps for other social media sites.  “Yeah,” she sighed, “but they only have apps for old stuff like Facebook.”

Old stuff!?  What are you talking about?  Daddy’s cutting edge baby.  He’s on Facebook!  And so is your Mom and your Grandmom and your Granddad….oh, wait a minute, I see what you mean.

I noticed it in my newsfeed today.  Facebook has aged.  According to my very unscientific research, the average age of those posting today at 2:15 PM was 43 (and I was being generous with a few of you).  There was only one person under the age of 18 and he might have been lost.

Social-Media-Collage_54242365621_53389389549_600_396The world is changing.  Faster than ever before.  If you think owning a Facebook account puts you on the cutting edge of social media, think again.  It may mean the exact opposite.  And if you only do Facebook then I can almost guarantee that you’re nowhere near the edge.

To be honest, this really drives me crazy.  I finally feel comfortable with Facebook and I just got the hang of Twitter.  Now both feel a little dated.  So I’m getting my 13-year-old to teach me how to Instagram.

I’m also rethinking our church’s social media strategy.  How we can’t lean too much on any one platform and how we have to continually adapt our communication strategy.  Email is going the way of the quill pen and inkwells.  Yet, we still email our bulletin every Friday.  The older members occasionally fuss about not getting it by mail anymore while the younger members ask “what’s a bulletin?”

What’s your church doing with social media?  Which platforms help you connect with the most people?  How do you communicate with your folks outside of Sunday?   

3 thoughts on “The Aging of Facebook

  1. Had lunch with my daughter yesterday and their church has an app, you can access sermons, worship and teaching materials plus the traditional “church” information by phone via the app. Not sure if they have stuff for all ages, but that would be a good idea. Why let the rappers and game producers have the children’s iphone time? Eddie

  2. I like the app idea. Tim’s working on reworking our website and adding a mobile site. Some days I miss the times of “black-and-white” bulletins made with “clip-art” books 🙂

  3. I just looked it up, I joined facebook back in 2004, At that time it was only open to college students.
    It is quite interesting how much it has changed in that time. I have tried twitter and instagram. I don’t much enjoy twitter and don’t use instagram much. I sometimes miss the days of the plain old bulletin.
    I like the app idea. Look at actually developing an app and not the mobile website.

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