Merry Xmas!

xmasThis is a little pet peeve of mine.  Xmas is simply an abbreviation for Christmas.  It’s not an attempt by secular progressives to remove Christ from the holiday.  It’s not part of the war on Christmas.  And it’s not some evil invention of the atheists.  Actually, it’s the exact opposite.

X stands for Christ.  It was the symbol used by the ancient Greeks for the letter Chi.  Thus, it was first letter in the Greek spelling of Christ’s name…Χριστος.  So you see, Christ is indeed spelled with an X.  It’s the ancient symbol of the Savior!

Furthermore, according to, use of the word Xmas can be traced back as far as the 1500s.  Long before department stores began using the abbreviation or politicians began lobbying for more generic expressions of the holiday.  People used it when conciseness was needed knowing that others would easily understand it to mean Christmas, or more precisely “Christ’s mass.”

So relax.  The next time you see an advertisement wishing you a “Merry Xmas” know that the marketers just unwittingly wished you a “Merry CHRISTmas.”  And the next time a fellow Xian laments the use of X, give them a little lesson in Xian history and wish them a very merry Xmas.

7 thoughts on “Merry Xmas!

  1. This is my FB on Sunday & did you notice they changed the sign, haha…
    In my opinion, Offensiveness is usually bred by Ignorance.
    Instead of jumping to be so easily offended, why not take a minute to educate yourself on the subject BEFORE getting mad.
    You would expect a church to know (or find out) information before putting it out on their sign.
    It says… “Merry Christmas, Christ is not spelled with an X.”
    I’m not offended by this but it does irk me a little just because they should know better.
    The truth is… X is the Greek letter Chi which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, meaning Christós (Annointed One, Messiah), which translates in English as Christ.
    So if you shouldn’t use X, then you shouldn’t use Christ“mas” either because it’s Latin for Mass?
    Honestly, I just really don’t think Jesus X cares what language we use to celebrate HIM !

  2. @angela I hesitated to use the picture because I thought some my recognize it. I understand what they are trying to say (keep Christ in Christmas) but it just ignored too much history for me to ignore it. I wish churches with marquees would just post event info or Scripture and leave the pithy sayings alone.

  3. I remember, the church I grew up in had a “sign committee.” The member of said committee had a particular month assigned to them to change the sign. There was no approval of sign message prior to it being posted. We just did it. So perhaps to be fair, maybe this is the case here and someone of the membership posted the message without seeking the advice of the leadership.

    Russ, you have a valid point. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on other christmas traditions, their historical beginnings and why we have adopted those without christian beginnings into a christian holiday.

    • I’d like to do a little research on the Christmas tree. I think it’s interesting that Christians get bent out of shape over what we call it when, to my knowledge, it doesn’t have a lot of spiritual signficance and it’s addition is fairly recent. But I could be wrong. Haven’t read up on that one.

      • I recall a history professor in college indicating the christmas tree has its foundation in more pagan religions. However, I don’t recall which religion particularly nor can I give a source for his lecture. It would be interesting to find out more about these traditions.

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