God Spoke to Me

Growing up in the conservative Churches of Christ I’ve always been skeptical of statements like that.  In our world, God spoke through the Bible.  Period.  And what about the Holy Spirit you charismatics ask?  He only spoke through the Bible too.  At least that’s what I was told.

There’s just one teeny little problem.  Lately I’ve felt like God is speaking to me.  And not in the generic sense of “do good and love others.”  I feel like he has a specific message for me.  Like he’s leading me in a certain direction.  I know it sounds a bit hokey.  Maybe even a little TBNish.  But it keeps happening.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to write a book.  I just never had a topic that inspired me enough to get started.  Then about six months ago one hit me.  I took some notes and started mulling it over.  It resonated.  I shared it with a few friends.  It continued to resonate.  And now it keeps coming up everywhere I look.  In friend’s Facebook posts, in articles I stumble across online, in conference presentations and everyday conversations.

That’s what happened yesterday.  I sat down for lunch with a random group of strangers at a conference.  It was the typical, awkward get-to-know you conversation for the first five minutes.  Then guess what came up?  The exact same topic that has been surfacing nearly every week!  I immediately became more engaged in the conversation.  The dialogue became way more interesting.  And I left feeling like God had spoken to me again.

When God speaks to us it’s not always in an audible voice.  OK, for me it’s never been in an audible voice.  If that ever happened it would freak me out and ruin years of good doctrinal training.  Instead, God often uses the voices of others.  He speaks to us through family, friends, co-workers or even strangers.  Sure, we have to practice some discernment and weigh what we hear against the Word.  But that doesn’t give us license to ignore it.  It’s time for me to start writing.

What about you?  Has God ever spoke to you through someone else?  Did you listen?

One thought on “God Spoke to Me

  1. Doesn’t surprise me a bit. You are such a well grounded ministers and especially for your age… The wisdom you have usually comes with a whole more years of ministering. I have felt His voice on my heart and through the voice of others many times..

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