Five Things I Need to Change

I know, I know. It’s only November and I really shouldn’t be talking about resolutions until January, but I have to start somewhere. It seems like I’m always waiting until the next Monday or the next month or the next year to get started on something good. So here we go. There are some things in my life that I need to change. Some bad habits that aren’t helping me much (physically, mentally or emotionally). These are five things I need to change…

1. Stop wasting so much time on the computer. Can you say Facebook? or Yahoo Sports? or Fox News? or any of the other websites that I tend to frequent. Sometimes I’ll surf the net for so long that I actually run out of stuff to read. I catch myself staring at the Google search bar wondering what to type in next or re-reading FB status updates just to see if anyone commented on the ones I read 15 minutes ago. Sad. Even sadder is when I open the computer just to check the weather and find myself still sitting there two hours later reading blogs. It’s time to cut back.

2. Stop checking email so often. I blame the iPhone for this one. Before this little gadget came into my life I had to be near a computer, open it, wait for it to load, type in an address, type in a user name/password, etc. Still, even with all that hassle, I probably checked email 7-8 times a day. I would be embarrassed to venture a guess at how often I check it now. I’ve checked it three times in the writing of this post. Of course the problem with checking email is that I can’t just read’em and ignore’em. I have to respond, reply, find a file, look up an answer, etc. I need to set aside a block of time each day to respond to email and let them sit the rest of the time. And I plan on doing so if this phone would ever stop buzzing.

3. Stop overeating! This one has been around for a long time. My relationship with over-eating goes back to high school when I could do it without gaining weight. Of course, that ended somewhere around the first year of college when I stopped having high school coaches forcing me to work-out. When you overeat and don’t exercise, things add up fast. Literally. And it hurts. Literally. What I mean is that sometimes I overeat to the point of nausea and that’s just sick. Literally. I need to stop. Literally.

4. Get off the couch. This problem has a strong correlation with the previous problem. When I overeat, I don’t feel like exercising. Thus, I sit on the couch and continue to eat which makes me feel even less like exercising. But the cycle works in the reverse as well. When I exercise, I don’t feel like overeating. If I know I’ve got a run or a workout scheduled later in the day then I’m careful about what I eat beforehand because I’ve paid the price of running on a full stomach before. Bottom line is I need to get moving. Besides taking care of the overeating problem it also gives me more energy and helps me feel better.

5. Turn off the TV. Two reasons. One, it really gets in the way of my reading. Two, it really gets in the way of my sleeping. The first one makes me dull and the second one makes me cranky. Typically, I prefer reading or sleeping to watching TV (assuming that football season is over), but there’s a little invention that’s really messed things up. It’s called a Digital Video Recorder or DVR for short. This little invention allows me to tape shows and watch them whenever I want, which is usually late at night when I ought to be reading or sleeping.

So that’s the list. I wouldn’t call them resolutions just yet because I’m heading out on a hunting trip this week and I’m fairly confident that #3 and #4 will be put on hold. I guess I’m hoping that my writing about them with somehow lead to greater action on my part. And perhaps it will help you get started as well. Of course, if you’re going to do that then you really need to stop reading this blog (see #1).

One thought on “Five Things I Need to Change

  1. Not knowing if this is a spiritual or personal post; I'm tempted to say something along the lines of "sounds like you are focusing on yourself for 2010", or "where is Jesus in this picture". But everyone has physical needs that cry to be met and physical problems to be sorted out. I'm wondering if "I" am going to rely on "me" to do something about "myself" to much next year.Now, I have a 2×4 to remove from my own eye. 🙂

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