Positive People

I don’t enjoy hanging around negative people. The ones who grumble and complain about every little thing. The professional critics. They wear me out. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of them within Christianity. Those with the spiritual gift of tearing people down. I’m not referring to any specific incident, just thinking about how negative church folk can be sometimes. And about how it shouldn’t be that way. We should be the people who look for the best in others. The people who build others up. The people with a positive outlook on life. The encouragers. Occasionally I run across those people within Christianity and it lifts my spirit. An example…

Last Sunday our service went long (one hour and 25 minutes to be exact). Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it was really bothering me. I want to be respectful of people’s time and not trample all over their schedule. So the last 10 minutes of the service all I can could think about was “we’re going over, this is bad.” It tainted the whole service for me and I started feeling like it hadn’t been a very good day. I know that sounds a little petty but that’s how I felt. I like for people to go home on Sunday with just a few ideas (one or two things they can apply), but we’d thrown a boatload of ideas at them this Sunday. So I was driving home worrying about this and thinking about how those extra minutes killed the whole service.

I stopped to get a paper at the c-store. On the way out of the parking lot I saw a friend and pulled up to say hello. When I rolled down the window he said, “Hey, I thought we had a great service today! Everything was great from top to bottom.” “Yeah,” I replied, “It just went a little long.” “That didn’t matter,” he said, “what was said needed to be said and it was great! It was a really good Sunday.” I drove out of the parking lot and said “Thanks God. I needed that.” And I did. I was obsessing over the one negative detail and my friend was pulling out all the positives. I need to be more like that. We all need to be more like that.

I have an idea that might help but you’ll have to wait until after Sunday…

One thought on “Positive People

  1. Russ, How very, very true. Anytime I get a survey, etc. I always put my biggest pet peeve is negativity. Plus, how is it we seem to have more than our share at church?? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to surrounded by positive people all the time?? I know some criticism is essential, but there is a way to be upbeat. I am really trying and hope I can rub off on some…

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