The Beginning of the End

It happened today. I never saw it coming. I figured I had at least two more years. We were waiting in the car line at school. I had the windows rolled down and was clapping my hands to some song on the radio. Lilly (my 3rd grader) reached up from the backseat, grabbed my hands and scolded me. “Dad, don’t do that in front of the school. You’re embarrassing me!!” And so it begins.

4 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. I can remember when a little red-headed boy asked his parents to wait 5 minutes after he got out of the car to go in Brown’s Variety Dime Store. I am sure no one in Hohenwald knew we were his parents. We were just two adults following him keeping a very low profile. What goes around comes around….as they always say.MOMPS I was also asked by Lilly to not act so silly when we were in the mall this summer. Parents and Grandparents…..not so cool at this age. It will get better!!!!

  2. They graduate from that to pleading “Please don’t let my friends see me getting out of a car like this” to eventually “Please don’t let my friends see me getting out of the car with you”!! — Stephen

  3. Then one day before you know it they will be hugging your neck, kissing your cheek with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces when say your final good-byes as you drop them off at college. I know, I just left my baby 6+ hours away for the 1st time. Its only been 4 days and I miss him already.

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