Unwise Influence

Today I spoke about Colossians 4:5. Be wise in the way you act towards outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Part of the message asked how can we “be wise” in the way we interact with an increasingly non-Christian culture? I answered the question in the negative. In other words, here’s some of the “unwise” ways Christianity has interacted or attempted to influence culture.

My top 5…

  1. Affiliation with only one political party. Or better said, the belief that we could effect moral change by political means rather than spiritual means.
  2. Our declaration of war against modern culture. Picketing abortion clinics, boycotting Disney, condemning Murphy Brown, attacking Harry Potter books, etc.
  3. Angry debate and condescending conversation with all who disagree with us. Sometimes carried out in person but more often on bumper stickers, T-shirts or church marquees.
  4. Refusal to engage in open dialogue on difficult and critical issues (i.e. evolution, stem cell research, the right to die, etc). We usually pull ourselves out of those discussions because our mind is already made up.
  5. Loss of our distinctive lifestyle. Morally speaking, it’s hard to tell the difference between Christians and non-Christians. Our ethics aren’t any better, our charitable giving is about the same, our relationships don’t fare any better, etc.

I probably could have thought of a few more but someone’s already threatened to report me to the Christian Coalition.

4 thoughts on “Unwise Influence

  1. I think it’s also unwise to completely pull oneself out of society altogether. Just because society is “evil” doesn’t mean that we should completely desert it to crash and burn on its own. Society has been evil for thousands of years. Have you heard of what was going on at Corinth during the first century? If anything, culture is slightly lesser corrupted than it was in certain places during Paul’s day. We can’t be afraid to put ourselves out there and face our society head-on.

  2. Ok, I agree that the idea of picketing abortion clinics is not so good, but surely you would not object to sidewalk counselors who occasionally save innocent children from a horrible death.

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