Words in Red

This Sunday I begin a new series called “Words in Red.” It’s one that’s been brewing in my mind for a while. The idea is to simply preach the teachings of Christ. No visiting the book of Acts. No cross referencing the Epistles. Just the Gospels. The pure and simple words of Jesus. Nothing else. To prepare, myself and our shepherds read through the words in red with the task of identifying the topics that are important to Jesus. So far I’ve learned two interesting lessons:

1. There are some issues that are constantly taught/discussed in the church, but Jesus never addressed them.
2. There are some issues that are rarely, if ever, taught/discussed in the church, but Jesus had a lot to say about them.

An example for #1. Music. This continues to be a major issue in the church (at least in our fellowship of churches). I continually see articles and sermons either for or against music. Yet, Jesus never once mentioned it. He also didn’t have a lot to say about other worship issues we spend way too much time on.

An example for #2. The Second Coming. When is the last time you’ve heard a sermon about the Second Coming in the churches of Christ? (And the ones railing against the Left Behind series don’t count.) I never see anything about the Second Coming. Yet, Jesus had quite a bit to say about it. And some of its not much clearer than Revelation.

4 thoughts on “Words in Red

  1. Great Lesson today!The series is off to a great start.I think that you should go ahead and play the video. It’s powerful and it will get people thinking.I lift my hands.I Bow my head.I’m finding more and more truthto the words written in red.They tell me that is more to life, than just what I can see…….I beleive!

  2. One thing that has always troubled me about Jesus’s teaching on the second comming is in Mathew 16 and Mark 13 . In both places he says something to the effect of there will be those among you who don’t pass away or this generation will not pass away until these things come to pass. I have always had a hard time reconciling this teaching in my mind. Are there two thousand year old people walking around? Was this figurative speech? I must admit this passage has made me stumble from time to time. Does anybody have any thoughts. Jon Amonette

  3. jon,A short answer. Some of Jesus’ prophecies concerning the second coming have a “dual” nature, similar to many of the OT prophecies. In other words, he’s foretelling an event that will happen in the near future (such as the destruction of the temple) and an event that will happen at a later date (his second coming). The beginning sections of those passages sound like the former, while the ending sections sound like the latter. At any rate, some of those things did come to pass in the current generation, but not all. That’s an answer off the top of my head, but I would encourage you to check out some good commentaries.

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