Mega or Mini?

Which is best? The mega-church (1,000-10,000 members) or the mini-church (50-100 members)? Both have their positives. Mega-churches have tremendous resources in both people and finances. They’re well-staffed with a plethora of specialized ministries and they’re usually very serious about reaching people for Jesus. Most also have great worship and Biblical teaching (despite rumors to the contrary). Mini-churches have a closeness and family atmosphere that’s tough to keep when you grow past 100 members. They can more readily meet personal needs and can quickly establish connections with others. They can also have great worship and Biblical teaching (despite rumors to the contrary). So which is best? If you were planting a new church what would your end goal be? To have over 1,000 members or to just create a solid faith community of 100 or less? Or maybe a better question. If you’re an established church of around 300 members what should your strategy for growth be? Growing bigger yourself or planting new churches?

9 thoughts on “Mega or Mini?

  1. One thing is certain – zero growth is not an option. Even if you prefer a small intimate church family, where everybody knows everybody, the goal has got to be: JUST ONE MORE – then – JUST ONE MORE – you must never stop looking for JUST ONE MORE. Church planting is one option but it is expensive and difficult to accomplish. The only time I can see a benifit is when distance is a factor. If a large group of people are driving a long way to services maybe a new church plant in their direction would be wise.But if that is not the case why not use the facilities and the resourses you all ready have available and just start additional services in the existing building?

  2. Both. I believe every church should be a church planting church — either to reach other population pockets nearby or to plant in other locations. No church can be effective in reaching the entire population. But I believe it should continue to be evangelistic in its own context. I believe God intends for every church to reproduce.

  3. I have often become frustrated in the churches that plant just to plant with no seeming ryhme or reason. I agree with Gary that you should always been looking for just one more and distance is ceratainly a reason to plant a church. I believe if Christians are will to invest the time and effort it takes to become “plugged in” to a mega church, it can also seem like a “mini-church”. Sometimes megachurches tends to get desensitized to needs that are not in their “departments” and that can be a problem. My sister and her family have had issues with their megachurch in Atlanta to that tune. The bottom line is we should be about saving souls and creating community and whatever God leads us to do in that respect. He will lead us, we simply have to listen.

  4. Russ,What a problem to have, ho! We at Maury Hills are still growing to be sure. Let’s wait until we get to somewhere between 500 – 750 then have this discussion.Let’s keep it all about Jesus and let God lead us when the time comes.Bill D.

  5. Unfortunately, it will be too late by then. The “mega” or “mini” discussion should be had at the very beginning of any type of existance. We should set our human goals and be ready for what God in store for us.

  6. Anon,I think God has our ultimate goals, we are simply to strive to meet each and every one of them. Yes, it’s true as a new church plant we aren’t often ready for the wonderful things God will do with our church, but it is better to play catch up then to not address is at all.

  7. Hey Russ, If Maury Hills becomes the biggest/flagship CoC in Maury County will you and your agent hold out and force the elders to renegotiate your deal -or- did you have an escalator clause built into your rookie contract?Be warned, they may give you the franchise tag.

  8. There are ways around the salary cap, incentives, endorsements that sort of thing. Let me know I’ll be your agent for %6. Book deals are also big. Perhaps a southern language translation of the bible called the RAV Russ Adcox Version. Complete with ya’lls and youins. Jon

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