Thinking Orange

Ok, here’s my first attempt to reduce 10 hours of teaching into a couple of paragraphs…

What does it mean to “think orange?” It means thinking about church in a whole new way. A way that combines the influence of the church with the influence of the family and thus creates a bigger impact. The color yellow represents the light of the church. The color red represents the warmth of the family. Both colors are important in their own right, but when you combine them you get a more vibrant and visible result. That’s the idea of orange. Churches and families working together to pass on values and morals to the next generation.

To give an official definition . . . “Family ministry synchronizes church leaders and parents around a master plan to build faith and character in their sons and daughters.” But isn’t that what the church has always done? Not necessarily. In my lifetime the church has focused more on teaching children and adults separately. We’ve created the “drop-off” mentality where parents drop off their kids at Sunday School, VBS, Youth Group, etc. This creates disconnect in the family because parents often have no clue what their kids are learning at church or how to reinforce it. That’s significant because parents have more influence on faith decisions than anyone else!

The church shouldn’t be the primary place where kids learn Biblical values, it should be the family. The church is there to partner with parents, not supplant them. The church is the bridge between family and faith. We serve to equip the family with the knowledge, tools, and strategy they need to pass on their faith. Think about this . . . The avg church has about 50 hours a year to teach kids. The avg family has more than 500 hours a year to teach kids. Who has the best opportunity to influence the next generation? That’s thinking orange. The church (yellow) partners with the parents (red) and together we create a better result (orange).

More later…

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