Student Ministry

A little taste of the Orange Conference from tonight’s opening session . . .

Reggie Joiner says there are basically four styles of Student Ministry that churches employ:

#1. Keep them from going to hell.
#2. Stop them from raising hell.
#3. Scare the hell out of the them.
#4. Give them what they need to charge hell (i.e. influence the world for Christ)

Which of the four do you think engages and energizes students??

More later . . .

One thought on “Student Ministry

  1. 3 & 4 worked the best for me. I remember “hell night” on the last Friday night at my church camp in Oklahoma. Lots of kids got baptized. I don’t know what kind of disciples we produced but they were “saved” before mom and dad showed up the next morning to take them home.Russ if you find a curriculum that will prevent my kids from ever getting drunk, doing drugs, having sex, gambling, being arrogant, prideful, and that helps them to live a selfless life devoted to Christ and sharing his gospel, buy that one. I’ll reimburse you-DP

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